At Codfish Wooden Surfboards we’re committed to building, promoting and riding quality wooden surfboards that lessen the impact on our environment. We only use locally harvested, sustainable-yield wood products or recycled timbers with minimal waste as we always find a sustainable use for the leftover timber, be it nose or tail blocks or a myriad of other uses!

Our boards are hollow-core with a super strong internal structure. With a heavy foot myself, I had to make sure that our boards had a top notch internal support structure to withstand the pressure from feet like mine! They are a little heavier than the foamie, but still nice and light and great to surf.  Wood has a totally different feel from foam – they are fast down the line and a whole lot of fun to ride. Designed to last a life time and also feature on your wall as a natural piece of art.  Some of our boards are inspired by shapes and happenings from the past and the present and we’re constantly experimenting with different shapes and sizes to test you in the water.

*Although a great piece of art, our boards are designed and constructed to be used Codfish Wooden Surfboards display
*Boards are light and great to surf
*Top quality craftsmanship
*Environmentally friendly bio-resin is used in the finishing which benefits our health and the planet!
*Super strong and will last longer than the foamies
*No two wooden surfboards are the same

Check out the rest of the site for more details…we love feedback, so leave us a comment on our contact page. If you live on the Sunshine Coast, give us a call and come and test drive one of our boards and see for yourself!

WOODen surfboards