The Codfish Wooden Surfboard Story

Master Craftsman and diehard surfer, Josh Van Veen is the man behind Codfish Wooden Surfboards.

Codfish Wooden Surfboards was born out of Josh’s love for the ocean, the beautiful environment of Noosa and his dream to connect fellow surfers with the perfect handcrafted wooden board – a work of art to catch the waves and then hang on the wall at home.

With a passion for working with organic materials and a mission to create surfboards that are better for the planet, the team at Codfish is dedicated to perfecting hand shaped, hollow, wooden surfboards using recycled and natural products.

Crafted in Noosa, on the eastern Sunshine Coast of Australia, all Codfish boards are created out of lightweight and sustainable wood.

Staying close to their roots, Codfish is a family owned company where a love of creating awesome shapes out of wood has been passed down through the generations. Josh Van Veen prides himself that each codfish board is handcrafted to the finest standards and built to last.

When you are not out there catching the perfect wave, the beauty of your Codfish board can be displayed on your wall by using one of our purpose built wall mounts.   

What we use?

Codfish Wooden Surfboards are made from locally harvested, sustainable Paulownia wood.

The beautiful fine grain, soft and warp-resistant properties of Paulownia wood make it perfect for creating dream boards. It’s lightweight yet strong – meaning it won’t warp, crack or deform and is extremely rot resistant.

At Codfish Wooden Surfboards we are honoring our vision to produce the best boards for our customers with environmental responsibility. Not only is Paulownia the perfect natural material to make the ultimate board, it could be the solution for the global deforestation problem as it grows extremely fast – up to 20 feet in one year when young.

When Paulownia trees are harvested, they regenerate, earning them the name the “Phoenix tree.” Paulownia could reclaim ecologically stressed patches of land quickly with the nitrogen found in its flowers and leaves a perfect fertilizer to be put back into the soil for more plants and trees to flourish.

To lessen the impact on the environment, along with crafting Codfish Wooden Surfboards out of the hero Phoenix Tree, we’ve also chosen to use bio resin and other recycled or sustainable products when and where we can. At Codfish we want you to love your new board and love the planet!